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Eliminate Student Loan Interest Rates

By implementing this policy we will:

  • Make it easier for college grads to become homeowners

  • Grow the economy through increased consumer spending

  • Make furthering education more lucrative 

  • Saves the average college student $9,500

  • Promote entrepreneurship through more easily managed debt

  • If we reimburse the principal for each dollar paid thus far, we could potentially eliminate student debt altogether for those who have paid for years.

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Stop taxing Social Security Income

  • You already paid a tax. The government should not be double-dipping!

  • Seniors should be able to keep more of their money

  • Saving for retirement can be difficult, so let's make it easier

Construction Site Managers

Invest in our infrastructure

  • America has thousands of structurally deficient bridges and crumbling roads

  • Fixing/expanding existing infrastructure creates quality, good-paying jobs. It also saves money in the long term

  • Green energy projects will create quality jobs that aid American energy independence. We should prioritize clean energy and we should manufacture the components right here in Northeast Ohio!

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Reform Washington D.C.

  • Term limits should be established for Congress

  • Congress should be barred for serving as lobbyists. It creates incentives to put special-interests' priorities over the American people.

  • End partisan Gerrymandering, because politicians choosing their voters shouldn't be allowed. 

  • Congress often gets rich from insider knowledge, buying stocks in companies they know are about to get federal contracts, we will make it so congress must put its money into U.S. bonds or funds that track the entire American economy or similar. 

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Healthcare Reform

  • Healthcare should be considered a right

  • Our current system wastes money and time by making healthcare providers navigate a labyrinth of plans. A single-payer approach would eliminate overhead costs by making billing simple.

  • Healthcare costs are one of the main factors in bankruptcy, and a single-payer system would be significantly cheaper (or free) because healthcare costs would be pre-paid. 

  • The current burden is on businesses. Industries are forced to devote a ton of resources to providing for their employees and is a burden they do not need.

  • More entrepreneurs would exist if they knew they and their families could be covered no matter what.

  • Unions could better negotiate for pay and equipment if healthcare wasn't a business-focused matter. 

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Focus on Workers

  • Focus tax-cuts on workers in the future to support an economy that is from the middle-out.

  • 40 hours is enough tax! Overtime often puts workers into a higher tax bracket, making extra hours worked sometimes equal out to a similar paycheck. Under my plan the federal income tax rate for overtime hours will be 0%. More money in your pockets means more money in our local economies.

  • Encourage schools to promote trade-schools as much as they promote college, so that students will know there is more than one path to a middle-class life. 

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  Repeal WEP & GPO

  • Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) both reduce social security. WEP reduces your social security if you worked for state/local government. GPO reduces your social security you collect through your spouse if you worked for state/local government. This could see your social security you earned eliminated entirely! This injustice has to end. 

  • Almost 2,000,000 public servants (Teachers, fire fighters, police officers etc.) and their spouses are impacted by these polices.

  • It is my position that people should get EVERY PENNY of social security that they earned. Public service should not be punished with a reduced retirement income. 

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